Saturday, February 21, 2009


us being goofy
Maddie and I.
So this weekend my sister stayed the night at our apartment. we had a lot of fun with her. Today eric took a few pictures of My sister Madison and I on the balcony.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Family sunday!!!

my cousin bailey, me and my 12 year old cousin chandler. yes he may be 8 years younger than me but he is still as tall as me. he is going to out grow me very soon.

me and my baby kaylee A.K.A My cousin.
We always have family dinners with my family. this sunday my aunt mary, uncle micah and their girls amber and kaylee were in town from queen creek and my aunt lori, uncle jordan, and their kids chandler, bailey and brady were in town from sierra vista. along with the normal sunday dinner which is my mom, dad, sis and bro and my grandparents and my uncle darin, aunt elaina and their boys jackson and hayden. so it was a big dinner this sunday and we had a lot of fun visitng together.

Valentines day!!

amber with bella

bella and jackson being a goof ball

my cousins jackson and hayden, Eric and bella.
So eric and I celebrated our valentines day a little early. we went on a date last thursday instead. On valentines day instead we had to work all day then we went to baby-sit my little cousins, Jackson and Hayden.I still love baby-sitting even though i am 20 and am married. Escpecially all my cousins and my family, I have so much fun when i baby-sit them and they all are getting big so fast it is crazy.anywayz, then my aunt mary and uncle micah brought there 2 daughters amber and kaylee over to see bella.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just some pics!

So this past sunday we were at my grandmas and it hailed so bad and it looked like snow in her backyard it was all white. so I captured some cute pictures.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl sunday at my moms

Me and my brother Diego
Me and cute little Jackson.

Me and cute little Hayden

Taking bella for a walk she hates the leash.

Thats bella in my moms backyard with her st. bernard Paisley. Paisley sniffed bella to death. It was so cute.

Today we went to my parents house for a super bowl party. We had a lot of fun even though our team lost :(. We had enough food to feed an army too. Ha Ha!!! But we did have a lot of fun together with my family and the kids had a lot of fun with Bella.