Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Mema!!

Me and Mema!!

Hayden with Bella

Chandler, me, Bailey, Brady, Amber, Jackson

Chandler, Me, Brady, Bailey and Amber

Me and Eric

Me and Brady

This past thursday was Memas birthday. So we had a family gathering for it today. Aunt Lori, Uncle Jordan and their 3 kids came in town from sierra vista for it. Aunt Mary, Uncle Micah and their 2 kids came in town from Queen creek. Uncle Darin and Aunt Elaina and their 2 boys already live in tucson, eric and I came back to tucson from queen creek for it but we were only on a short vacation in queen creek and then my mom, dad, maddie and diego were their. It was a lot of fun.

Epilepsy walk!

This past saturday was an epilepsy walk at the phx zoo and so i went to support my brother in law rawn. It was nice because we were also able to spend the day at the zoo. I had a lot of fun with everyone.

A fun day with coop!

This weekend I got to watch my nephew cooper for a few hours. I love him and was so glad to help out and watch him!!

Welcome home Cody!

So a few weeks ago erics best friend cody got home from his mission. It was my first time meeting him so it was nice meeting one of erics friends that i didnt already know. This weekend eric and him hung out a few days in a row.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some cute pictures of Bella

Our little bella. she is so cute when she is just laying there not barking..hehe

Daddy and Bella

Mommy and bella!

So this afternoon I put a little jacket on bella that my moms friend gave us. it has a little pocket in it and it even had a little hood. it was so cute. I got some pictures to share!! In the picture of bella and I you also may notice that my hair is so short...i cut my hair and it is so so short starting to get used to it though.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday Rory!

Me and my nephew cooper. I love this picture of him

the back of the jersey

So this past weekend eric and I spent it in queen creek. On wednesday night we got there and went to my brother and sister in laws rawn and amanda. Rory(Erics dad) had no clue we were there. Then thursday night was his surprise 50th birthday. He was so surprised and he loved the jersey that rawn, amanda, eric and I all got him. We continued to stay the night at rawn and amandas thursday night and friday night. Saturday night we stayed at my mother and father in laws. Eric best friend cody got home from his mission on thrusday so he has his home coming talk on sunday. I had a lot of fun with Rawn and Amanda this weekend I also had tons of fun with my little nephew cooper. I baby-sat him on saturday and loved playing with him. It was a VERY busy weekend!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Richardson Family

So its a little later but around christmas time we took some family pictures. I thought they were pretty cute.