Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July weekend with my family!

Bella swimming as fast as she can to someone that will hold her

Bella Swimming

My moms huge dog Paisley

My dad, Me, Eric and Maddie looking goofy with our biorie strips on

Diego on my moms work out thing, it helps with your back or something. it looks freaky i almost died on this thing

Our 4th of July was fun. I worked on saturday so we had to stay in tucson. But we were able to go to my parents house for a BBQ. and we stayed their late playing games. And watched a little fire works. then on Sunday after church we went over there for till late that night and just played games all day. and my dad, maddie, eric and I also did biorie strips. We all looked pretty goofy. Then maddie stayed the night, then Monday night we were at my parents for family home evening and we went swimming that day and took bella swimming for her first time. we played sink or swim with her and boy did she swim...haha. We had an awesome time with my family though!!