Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Megans Reception

When they opened their wedding present and found out all of us were sending them to a hotel. and yes I am the one with the mic uh oh. haha
Megan and Jimmy again. I loved her dress

Megan and her husband Jimmy

Megans cute little wedding cake that her sister autumn made for her

Me walking down aisle with Jimmys brother

Megan getting kisses from riley

This is Megan, me and megans sister in law April dancing

This is their bed that eric and I decorated

Theses are the stairs in the hotel room. This hotel was amazing
Okay so on sunday Megan and Jimmy had their reception. They got married in the court house in texas in july because he is in the air force. But They had their recfeption on sunday. I was her bridesmaid and at my wedding she was my maid of honor. Her sister, brother-in law, brother, sister-in law. Close friends 2 of them and eric and I all got them a hotel room for the reception night. We got them a room at the residence inn marriott. It was 2 bedroom 2 bath 2 stories with a living room and kitchen. It was nice. Eric and I went earlier on sunday and decorated it. We put rose pedals leading from the door way all the way up the stairs to that bedroom. we made it look really nice. Above are some pictures from the reception. and yes I know my dress was a tank top dress and EXTREMLY low cut but megan wore what I wanted her to wear at my wedding so I wore what she wanted me to wear at hers. Its only fair

Megan Left for Alaksa

Megan and I in High school

So megan left for alaska yesterday. Megan is my BEST FRIEND and has been for the past 10 years. We have been through everything together. Her husband is the air force so alaksa is where he got stationed. I was really good when I said bye to her, I didnt cry at all but the min I got in the car I turned into a big baby for the rest of the day even while I was at work. I miss her so much. When she got to alaska at 2 this morning she texted me saying it was snowing and it was -4 degress. WOW thats cold. Im not going to even see megan for a year and a half to two years. Thats when eric and I are going to Alaska to visit her. Yes, Eric and I are going to alaska and yes I know the plane tickets are expensive but thats why we are planning so for in advance so that we can save for them. Neither of us can wait to go visit her we are so excited.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas in Queen Creek

So this year for christmas we were with erics family in Queen creek since we were with my family for thanksgiving. So we started out on christmas morning it was eric, vicki (my mother in law), rory(my father in law) and me. We all opened presents. Then My sister in law Savannah, brother in law Landon and nephews Trevor and tanner got there. along with erics grandparents and aunt. So we opened more presents. Then later that night my brother in law Rawn, sister in law amanda and nephew cooper showed up and we opened the rest of the presents. It was a lot of fun. I really did have a lot of fun with all of them and eric and I both had fun with the kids as well. I cant wait till we move to mesa in about a year so that we can see everyone more. when i get the rest of the pictures from christmas ill post more.
Eric with our nephew Trevor. This picture is so cute.
me and bella at my moms house before we left for queen creek for christmas
She was so mad that i put her in there while i was doing my hair and make up. she was barking at me. it was cute.
Bella sleeping peacefully in my lap while mommy opens present. Isnt her little christmas dress so cute?
my nephew cooper very tired after a long day of opening presents and while he is relaxing he is watching yo gabba gabba.
my nephew trevor smiling for the camera. He is so dang cute I just wish we saw them more often.

my brother in law Rawn and my nephew Trevor playing operation on christmas.
my sister in law Savannah and my nephew which is also her son Tanner. This is such a cute picture.

my nephew Trevor playing with his christmas present from santa. he sure loved this present.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The new addition to our family


so my mom is letting us borrow this for a while she looks so tiny in there. We sure do love her
my little cousins amber and kaylee with Bella. they were so cute with her.

my brother diego with little bella.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

our first christmas decortaions as a married couple!

This is our balcony...and all of our cute decorations along with my cute little husband doesnt he look like frosty. haha. I thought this was a cute picture of him mixed in with frosty and santa. Merry Christmas everyone!
so this is our christmas tree. yes it is standing on something it is not really that tall. so we were looking for a long time for a fake tree and we saw this one at frys it was pre lit and 6 feet tall and only $40. So we got home and my wonderful husband put it up. and it is shorter than him and he is not even 6 feet tall. lets just say next year we are getting a real tree like we wanted in the begginning!

these are our stockings. my mom had mine and an extra one for eric but she told me that eric and i should just get our own so that they match so thats what we did and we love them.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thanksgiving in Tucson!

Okay so my mom assigns us seat at thanksgiving every year. And she always does something creative for a name plate. Well this year she got chocolate bars and made this wrapper for it. My mother is so amazing. You tell her to do something and she could do it. I thought this was so cute
This is the table for thanksgiving at my moms house. My mom is so amazing she always makes everything look so beautiful. This is only the adult table. The kids are in the kitchen. Doesnt that look like a never ending table. well it seemed like it was. We had over 30 people there for thanksgiving. It was Erics biggest thanksgiving. But we had a blast

Theres erics little girl friend Bailey :) and Aunt Mary at my moms house on thanksgving

This is the grandkids photo with the grandparents. And this is not even all of their grandkids.

Okay so this is thanksgiving and this is my grandparents 6 kids and there families. they have 2 kids that werent there. so not quite the whole family but close. and its my moms mom side of the family. But there is a funny story. So Bailey my cousin that is standing in front of eric well she wanted to stay by us but we were suppossed to be standing with our individual families so i was telling her "Bailey you need to go stand by your mommy" Well she went and told her mom that she wanted to stand with eric. So everyone was all quiet when aunt lori said everybody bailey has a special request she wants to stand with eric. So in this picture yes eric and i have a family but thats only for this picture. hehe. Bailey has a little crush on eric. Its so cute.


My dad Bill, My brother diego, Me, My mom, My sister Maddie
Me and my natural father mike. My wedding was the first time I had seen him since I was 12. And now I see him like every other week :)

My new family. My sister in law Amanda, My nephew Cooper, Brother in lawn Rawn, Father in Law Rory, My Husband Eric, Me, My mother in Law Vicki, Sister in law Savannah, Nephews Trevor and Tanner. Savannahs husband Landon was helping clean when this was taken.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Family Pictures

Eric with his Fam. Brother in Law Landon, Nephew Tanner, Nephew Trevor, Sister Savannah, Grandma Diana, Dad Rory, Mom Vicki, Grandpa Jim, Sister in law Amanda, Nephew Cooper and Brother Rawn
Eric with his sisiter in law Amanda, Nephew Cooper and Brother Rawn.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Me with my family(ies)

Me with My uncle and Aunt and cute little goofy cousins. I love em.
Me with my aunt and other 2 cousins

Me with my aunt lori and uncle jordan and their 3 kids which are more of my cousins.

me with my maid of honor, brides maid and little flower girls.

More wedding pics

Me with my Aunt, Uncle and adorable Cousins. Also me with my grooms man, ushers and handsome little ring bearers.

Me with my maid of honor and brides maid. Eric with his family.

A few pics from my wedding day!!

This is the celing of the reception. And the cake that my amazing mother made.

This is me and my husband and one of my many bridal pictures. More pictures coming soon of the best day of my life!!!!!!!!!!