Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween In Queen Creek

our nephews Trevor, Tanner and Cooper

Coop trick or treating

Rawn Decorating Eric up
So this Halloween we deicded to come spend it with erics family. we had a fun night trick or treating with our nephews!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Baby-sitting/sunday dinner

Amber riding in the space ship

Kaylee riding in the car

Diego, Jackson, Amber, Hayden and Kaylee

My favorite sister Madison and I.

Eric and I
Last sunday we had sunday dinner at my moms while i was also baby-sitting my cousins Amber and Kaylee. we had a fun girls night, jumping on trampoline, painting nails, etc.

Cali Trip

you can barely see this but it is a call box. I have never seen these before. apparently they are really known but i guess not to me. this amused me so much. hey when a 9 hour drive turns into a 12 hour drive we need the little things to amuse us

These amused us on the drive there...

It has been so long since I have posted anything on here thought I would share what has been going on. The beginning of october we went to Taft, CA. Its like 45 min from bakersfield and is a very small town. My friend was having a babyshower so we went to visit. We are thinking planning and hopefully moving there this coming spring as long as eric gets the job he is hoping to get. We did not get very many pictures while we were there but here are a few we did get.

Monday, August 10, 2009

My 21st Birthday!

So on friday Aug. 7, 2009 was my 21st birthday. I had a fun birthday this year. On friday I spent the day with my best friend who is in town from alaska. On saturday I worked then went out with Eric. On sunday had dinner with my family. Then today (monday) I went to dinner with my biological dad and his mom. Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate my 21st birthday!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Heap Reunion!

Eric and I in front of our tent

Hayden making some funny faces

Hayden Helping Tay-Tay and Eric clean off our tarp as we were packing up camp

Jackson, Hayden, Amber and Kaylee

The kids playing with sticks in the fire. I used to do this all the time when i was younger at the reunions too!!

this is greens peak while i was in the middle of running down it

diego hitting the pinata

amber hitting the pinata

Jackson Hitting the pinata

Hayden hitting the pinata

Kaylee hitting the pinata

The view

Kaylee and Eric

Kaylee would sit here and do this for hours

Me and my cousin Kaylee in my tent. she always came to Tay-Tays tent because if she came she would get a "Snack" from her Tay-Tay :)

So this past wed july 29 through aug 2 was my family reunion. It was erics first year going so we were both so excited. It actually started the saturday before we went but because of work we didnt go until wed. But we had a blast. We relaxed, Played games, went fishing(i forgot my camera when we did that), and we ran down greens peak and roasted marsh mallows and just had fun with family. Here are a ton of pictures from the trip.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July weekend with my family!

Bella swimming as fast as she can to someone that will hold her

Bella Swimming

My moms huge dog Paisley

My dad, Me, Eric and Maddie looking goofy with our biorie strips on

Diego on my moms work out thing, it helps with your back or something. it looks freaky i almost died on this thing

Our 4th of July was fun. I worked on saturday so we had to stay in tucson. But we were able to go to my parents house for a BBQ. and we stayed their late playing games. And watched a little fire works. then on Sunday after church we went over there for till late that night and just played games all day. and my dad, maddie, eric and I also did biorie strips. We all looked pretty goofy. Then maddie stayed the night, then Monday night we were at my parents for family home evening and we went swimming that day and took bella swimming for her first time. we played sink or swim with her and boy did she swim...haha. We had an awesome time with my family though!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!!!

This is the custest picture ever. this is most of the little kids on the grass eating their cones. I love them All!!!!!!!!

Me, Isabelle and my cousin Bailey

This fathers day we were at my grandmas. And since she was in the hospital and now in a nursing home for a few days we had a lot of family in town. It was so much fun being with all the kids.

Friday, June 19, 2009

My Mema!!

Okay so first of all mema is my grandma. Well On Wednesday I was at work and got a call from my mom that mema was in the hospital. Well I immediately got worried sick, I had talked to her just earlier that day and ya she sounded tired but other than that she was still able to talk to me. So 20 min later after work i went down to the hospital after waiting there 2 hours (because only one person at a time could see her) I was finally able to go in and see her. And she was so out of it. She kept telling me to let her go home. It was so sad to see her like this and what they had thought was that she had a stroke. She was showing all the symtoms of a stroke(later we found out she did have a stroke a few weeks ago) but then I went home. thursday after work eric and I went straight to go see her and what they had found out while i was at work was that she had severe dehydration and was dehydrated as if she had nothing top drink for 4 days and so her liver was only working at a 50%. she also had a UTI which developed sepsis(I think is how you spell it). either one of those alone could kill you but put together made it worse. The doctor said if she didnt come in within 2 days she would of been dead. So when eric and I went to see her on thursday she was doing better than the night before but her stories were still funny and just watching her made me sad. this is the woman who besides my mom has been there for me my whole life and I love her more than words can explain. Im so glad she is doing better now and tomorrow she gets to leave the hospital and go to a nursing place so they can help her get back on her feet like she used to be. Please keep mema in your prayers that she will make a fast recovery. I love you Mema!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy 21st. Birthday Eric!!!

Erics birthday cake

Eric and Me

Diego, Maddie and the birthday boy

Diego batting

My brother Diego

Maddie Batting

On thursday June 4th was Erics 21st birthday. We had a fun day with us two. First we woke up and I made him breakfast then we went to the movies and saw fast and furios. Then we went to lunch and ate at Casa Del Rio. Then we went to my sisters softball game and then my brothers baseball game. Happy Birthday Eric!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bella got a hair cut!

This is bella playing with my brother Diego

A few weeks ago Bella got her first hair cut and boy did she need one it was driving me nuts. Here are a few pics of how cute she looks after getting it finally!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Had a fun and Busy weekend with my family!

Eric and Diego at maddies softball game

Maddie and Diego at my house

Maddies just hit the ball!!!

Jackson at maddies game

Eric and I had a very busy weekend this weekend. on friday it started out by going to Diegos baseball game and then Maddie and Diego spending the night. On saturday we had to be to Diegos other baseball game by 10am. Then Eric, Maddie and Diego hung out and played monopoly while I worked a few extra hours from noon to 4pm. Then we all went to dinner with my mom and then we went to Maddies softball game. Then my dad was flying home from england so we went with my mom to pick him up from the airport. We then went back to my moms house and he gave us our presents. I got a blanket. Its pretty cool having a blanket from england. We got home at midnight. I woke up and went to work to cover someones shift from 5am-1:30pm. And now Maddie and Diego are spending the night again. This weekend has been busy but fun. We have had a lot of fun with my sister Maddie and my brother Diego

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Coop!!!

The birthday boy

My sister in law Amanda and her son cooper

Our nephew Trevor

Coop didnt like his cake to much

My sister in law Savannah and her son Tanner

This past weekend on May 22nd was our nephews 1st birthday so on saturday we went to a birthday party for him. Happy Birthday Cooper! We Love you very much!!