Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Poor Bella!

So about a week ago we noticed a big bump with a little hole in it on Bellas chest. We in that week it has doubled in size and has started bleeding. So today we spent about 3 hours in the Emergency animal hospital. She has a tumor. Its not going to kill her yet. as of right not she is on medicine and if it has not gone down in size in a few weeks then its not going to go down so then we will have to take her back in to get it removed. Now they did not give us the pills for medicine they gave us liquid. it is a pain in the butt to give to her. She clawed us and growled like we have never seen her before growl at eric. She did really good when they took the sample of the bump she didnt cry at all but when they took her temperature she did not like that at all and she did cry. Well thats the update on bella as of right now!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pima County Fair

this is the dog eric won me. Bella is so afraid of it. Its cute. but this dog is huge

Maddie, her 2 friends and Diego all on a ride that goes up and down pretty fast

thats the front of the sand castle. it was so awesome

this was an awesome sand castle for display and this is the back of it

Eric with an old fire truck

Diego rock climbing. he made it to the top and got a prize

Diego getting ready to get off of that big slide that he went on

Diego and I after I had gotten off of the water ride. I rode that ride with my mom and dad so of course i was in the front and I got soaked and my dad was splashing me the whole time as well

Diego on the Yo yo

Today eric and I went to the pima county fair with my parents, Maddie, Diego and Maddies 2 friends. We had lots of fun. We rode rides. Played some games. It was a fun day with my family. We saw some really neat things. Eric also won me a huge dog. He had to play a basketball game and he won it for me on the first try.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Eric and Diego

Uncle D finding eggs with the help of Diego and Jackson

Aunt elaina finding the eggs with the help of Jackson

My little brother Diego helping hide eggs

My little sister Maddie and her cute new hair cut, hiding eggs

Hayden hidding these eggs

Jackson in the middle of hidding the eggs

So this year we spend easter with my family. We had dinner with my mom, dad, my sister maddie and brother Diego, grandparents and uncle D, Aunt Elaina and cousins Jackson and Hayden. Then we went for our second dinner of the night to texas road house with my biological dad Mike and his son also my other brother Andrew. We had lots of food but a fun easter all together. At my grandparetns house the kids hid the eggs for the adults to find. It was fun.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy 5th birthday Hayden!

On thursday was Haydens birthday. We had a little family get together today. He is so funny. We love you Hayden.

Diegos Baseball game!

So yesterday diego had a baseball game. His team is the reds. and yesterday eric wore a diamond backs shirt. well come to find out diego was playing against the diamond backs. So eric was a traitor against my brothers team. haha!