Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My 22nd Bday.

For my birthday my in laws came down and my in laws and my sister madison, my best friend megan and her boyfriend kevin and my dad mike and his son andrew all went to buffalo wild wings and bowling. we had a blast I totally lost but here are some fun pictures from our fun adventure.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

We got a new addition to our family

So yes we got another puppy. Last week someone had a posting for a free chihuaha. It was Free I couldnt pass that up!! and I wanted her so bad, eric did not want her but if it made me happy he agreed. So we got her. she is 2 and looks just like our other one crackers. And she is fat haha!!! we named her Chloe. So now we have Bella, Crackers and Chloe. I will post pictures when i get a chance

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My baby Sisters 13th Birthday

Last week was a busy week. On wednesday April 14th was my dads birthday and on friday April 16th was my sisters birthday and on sunday we celebrated both as a family party. but on friday we went to the fair it was my parents, diego, maddie eric and I and maddies friend mariah. we had so much fun with them and with of course maddie being a 13 year old. we rode a few rides with diego and maddie and then diego decided he didnt want to ride rides anymore he wanted to play games and win things so maddie and mariah went on rides while eric and I stuck by diego and played games and won a lot of stuff and spent a lot of money hehe but we had fun. saturday we went to the boys baseball games and sunday spent the day with family. the sunday pics wil be coming later but here are the rest for now

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Epilepsy Walk at the phx zoo!

This year on 4-10-10 we did the epilepsy walk with erics family and since it was at the phx zoo I asked my aunt mary if i could take her girls. Since Im their favorite. hehe! So Eric and I went and we had Amber who is 8 and Kaylee who is 3. well while there we had a little adventure. man can kaylee get away FAST. we had our eyes off of her for no more than 5 seconds and SO many people in our group you think someone would have seen. but nope no one saw and Kaylee got away and gave me a heart attack about. I was scared to death. VERY long story short about 20 min ago we found her and she was talking to the snack bar people by the petting zoo about 10 min from where we were originally! and she acted like nothing was wrong. When i found her and picked her up and was of course crying she told me "Tay-Tay I just wanted to see the pretty farm." She really has no fear and we were all so scared. so glad i found her and she didnt leave my side once after that. I wouldnt let go of her hand :) But her and Amber had fun they got to ride a camel and loved watching the animals. here are some pictures of them.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter in Tucson!!

this is hayden blowing out the candles

the boys finding the eggs that Maddie, eric and I hid

This year we had easter with my family. We celebrated it at my Aunt Elainas and Uncle darins and since their son Hayden turned 6, 2 days before easter we also celebrates his birthday. We had lots of fun and I LOVED the devil eggs(thanks Uncle D) thats my favorite part of easter...haha. here are some pics of the fun we had

Friday, April 2, 2010

A little update

Brady and I

Jackson and Hayden Being goof balls

Jackson and Hayden with Bella

Here are a few pics from the past several months that I have not been able to post because no internet.