Sunday, May 31, 2009

Had a fun and Busy weekend with my family!

Eric and Diego at maddies softball game

Maddie and Diego at my house

Maddies just hit the ball!!!

Jackson at maddies game

Eric and I had a very busy weekend this weekend. on friday it started out by going to Diegos baseball game and then Maddie and Diego spending the night. On saturday we had to be to Diegos other baseball game by 10am. Then Eric, Maddie and Diego hung out and played monopoly while I worked a few extra hours from noon to 4pm. Then we all went to dinner with my mom and then we went to Maddies softball game. Then my dad was flying home from england so we went with my mom to pick him up from the airport. We then went back to my moms house and he gave us our presents. I got a blanket. Its pretty cool having a blanket from england. We got home at midnight. I woke up and went to work to cover someones shift from 5am-1:30pm. And now Maddie and Diego are spending the night again. This weekend has been busy but fun. We have had a lot of fun with my sister Maddie and my brother Diego

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Coop!!!

The birthday boy

My sister in law Amanda and her son cooper

Our nephew Trevor

Coop didnt like his cake to much

My sister in law Savannah and her son Tanner

This past weekend on May 22nd was our nephews 1st birthday so on saturday we went to a birthday party for him. Happy Birthday Cooper! We Love you very much!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A weekend in Sierra Vista!

Bailey Boop with the wind blowing her hair

Brady and I
Eric and Brady

Brady ready for his game

The kids had put this hannah montana wig on eric

Bailey and Brady being goofy

This weekend we went to sierra vista ro visit my aunt Lori, Uncle Jordan, and my cousins Chandler, Bailey and Brady. We got their friday night and got home about an hour ago. On saturday we went to bradys baseball game and the went to a town carnival that they had. Unfortuately my camera died after the game so i got no pictures of the carnival. Then today we went to church with them. I used to live in sierra vista with my aunt and uncle. So i like it a lot. but it was erics first time their and he really liked it. He said he wouldnt mind living their. It is beautiful and we loved it and had a lot of fun. Brady is co cute. He told me he said "Tay-Tay I have fallen in love with you, if you werent married to eric and I was a little bit older I would marry you." Earlier tonight we were also talking about Eric and I and I had said "Im in love with eric." and Brady got this real sad face and I said "you want me to be in love with you huh?" Brady said "yeah!!!" So I said " I love you as my wonderful cousin." He was so funny and cute and we had a lot of fun.