Sunday, January 25, 2009

A few days in Queen Creek with Erics family

Me with My nephew Cooper(such a happy baby) and Bella resting on his lap.
My nephew Tanner wanting to play with us.

Trevor holding little bella.

Me and my nephew Trevor.

Trevor concentrating hard on the gaem 10,000

Eric and our nephew Trevor playing with the pin ball machine.

Some random Pics I took

Daddy and bella watching some T.V.
Bella being our little guard dog..haha and guarding the shower while eric was in it.

Mommy and Bella

St. Johns Trip!!

Two very tired kids. Hayden and Kaylee Jo
Jackson, Hayden, and Kaylee relaxing in grammys chair

Amber already for bed

Me and my Boys. A.K.A My cousins Jackson and hayden :)

The view on the drive to st. johns

This weekend Eric and I went to st. johns because grammy passed away. She will be missed. It was very sad being there. But all of my family was able to be together while mouring the loss of a very wonderful woman. Grammy. We love you grammy. I did capture some moments in St.Johns that I am going to share.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A weekend in the white moutains!

you can barely see eric but that is eric and my sister maddie. Look at all that snow. it was freezing and I was in a skirt!!!!!!!!

So this weekend we went to the white moutains. We went to my cousins wedding in greer which is where we were at when i took the picture of eric and maddie. Then we went to Eager to visit my grammy that is dying and I hadnt seen her in a while and eric had never met her till saturday. Then we went to St. Johns and played games with family. Then we went back to eager and stayed the night at my Aunt Marys in laws and then we drove home today. It was a fun but COLD weekend.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Night with the Fam

Bailey, Brady, Hayden, Jackson, and Bella.
Me with my twin cousins Bailey and Brady

Eric with His new cousin Bella.

Jackson with Bella

Hayden with Bella.

Bailey holding bella. How cute!

Cousin Brady holding little bella!

Hayden had to wait for the other kids to finish eating their dinner before he got bella out of her kennel. so in the meantime he read her a book.
So tonight we went to my grandmas and celebrated my uncles and my grandpas birthdays. So some of the cousins got to get together and have fun with bella. It was fun being with everyone.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve In Tucson!

This is the sign on my moms door. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All of my moms kids. Diego, Eric, Me, Bella, Maddie.

Diego being weird and dancing. he sure is cute

Eric thinks he is cool with all those cards

Me with my little family. My husband Eric, me, and our puppy/daughter bella

Sisters. My sister Madison and I.

so I won texas hold em. This is all the "money" i won...hehe

this is my brother with his poker face on while we were playing texas hold em

my wonderful husband and I. He was in the middle of dealing cards thats why his arms look funny.

my adorable sister and brother maddie and diego. This picture turned out really good.

This year we had new years eve with my family. It was tons of fun. We played texas hold em and I won. We played games all night and ate a ton. The only people there was my parents my sister and brother and my grandparents. But we still had lots of fun